a classy little scripting language

System Class

The System class is a grab-bag of functionality exposed by the VM, mostly for use during development or debugging.

Static Methods #

System.clock #

Returns the number of seconds (including fractional seconds) since the program was started. This is usually used for benchmarking.

System.gc() #

Requests that the VM perform an immediate garbage collection to free unused memory.

System.print() #

Prints a single newline to the console.

System.print(object) #

Prints object to the console followed by a newline. If not already a string, the object is converted to a string by calling toString on it.

System.print("I like bananas") //> I like bananas

System.printAll(sequence) #

Iterates over sequence and prints each element, then prints a single newline at the end. Each element is converted to a string by calling toString on it.

System.printAll([1, [2, 3], 4]) //> 1[2, 3]4

System.write(object) #

Prints a single value to the console, but does not print a newline character afterwards. Converts the value to a string by calling toString on it.

System.write(4 + 5) //> 9

In the above example, the result of 4 + 5 is printed, and then the prompt is printed on the same line because no newline character was printed afterwards.