a classy little scripting language


Because Wren can be used both as an embedded scripting language, and as a general purpose programming language run from the command line, the definition of a “built-in” module is a little complicated. They are organized into three categories:

Core #

There is one core module. It is built directly into the VM and is implicitly imported by every other module. It contains the classes for the objects built directly into the language itself: numbers, strings, etc.

The core module is always available and can’t be removed.

Optional #

Optional modules are available in the command line Wren interpreter. When you embed Wren in your own host application, you can also include them too. They are written in Wren and C, but have no external dependencies, so including them in your application doesn’t force you to bring in any other third-party code.

At the same time, they aren’t needed by the VM itself to function, so you can disable some or all of them if you want to keep your app as small and constrained as possible.

There are a couple of optional modules:


The CLI modules are only available in the standalone command-line Wren interpreter. They are deeply tied to libuv, each other, and other internals of the command-line app, so can’t be separated out and pulled into host applications that want to embed Wren.