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Stat Class

A data structure describing the low-level details of a file system entry.

Static Methods #

Stat.path(path) #

“Stats” the file or directory at path.

Methods #

blockCount #

The number of system blocks allocated on disk for the file.

blockSize #

The preferred block size in bytes for interacting with the file. It may vary from file to file.

device #

The ID of the device containing the entry.

group #

Numeric group ID of the file’s owner.

inode #

The inode number of the entry.

isDirectory #

Whether the file system entity is a directory.

isFile #

Whether the file system entity is a regular file, as opposed to a directory or other special entity.

linkCount #

The number of hard links to the entry.

mode #

A bit field describing the entry’s type and protection flags.

size #

The size of the entry in bytes.

specialDevice #

The device ID for the entry, if it’s a special file.

user #

Numeric user ID of the file’s owner.