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FileFlags Class

Contains constants for the various file flags used to open or create a file. These correspond directly to the flags that can be passed to the POSIX open() syscall.

They are integers and can be bitwise or’ed together to produce a composite flag.

Static Methods #

FileFlags.readOnly #

The file can be read from but not written. Equivalent to O_RDONLY.

FileFlags.writeOnly #

The file can be written but not read from. Equivalent to O_WRONLY.

FileFlags.readWrite #

The file can be both read from and written to. Equivalent to O_RDWR.

FileFlags.sync #

Writes will block until the data has been physically written to the underling hardware. This does not affect whether or the file API is synchronous. File operations are always asynchronous in Wren and may allow other scheduled fibers to run.

This is a lower-level flag that ensures that when a write completes, it has been flushed all the way to disc.

FileFlags.create #

Creates a new file if a file at the given path does not already exist.

FileFlags.truncate #

If the file already exists and can be written to, its previous contents are discarded.

FileFlags.exclusive #

Ensures that a new file must be created. If a file already exists at the given path, this flag will cause the operation to fail.